The Association Activities are conducting every year to facilitate Innovative skills, Imaginative skills, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Leadership qualities, Technical Skills and verbal skills for translating the knowledge into skills which become survive in the competitive world. The Association activity aim at fostering the extra co-curricular skills by providing faculty support and facilities to improve by themselves. Create anecosystem for innovation and skills development through activities, facilitation of technology and skills transfer for Generalization by multiactivity approach. To provide the opportunity for students touse their skills to solve complex engineering challenges.

    Association activities often associated with a positive behavioral outcome, implying that such activities directly shape student’s skills development. Student participation in extracurricular activities has uniform positive effects regardless of the meaning it holds for individual participants within distinct social context. Identity can help to explain the finding that social contexts differentially influence developmental outcomes associated with participation in extracurricular activities. It helps in building strong network of Mentors/Advisors across the verticals. Necessary infrastructure support is provided to students to incubate to progress in their ideas. Assessment of student activities is conducted by the domain experts or faculties.