The Department of Agricultural Engineering was established in the year 2017. The department emphasizes towards imparting quality education, rigorous teaching-learning. Here the students are exposed to wide range of topic within the field. Agricultural engineering covers various topics such as Soil & Water conservation, Irrigation and Drainage, Farm Machinery and Power, Post-harvest Processing, Farm Buildings & Storage etc. This course incorporates new technologies in the field of Agricultural Engineering.

 The major field of agricultural engineering are :

  •     Farm Machinery and Power Engineering.

  •     Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering.

  •     Soil and Water Conservation Engineering.

  •     Irrigation and Drainage Engineering.



The main aim of Agriculture engineering department is to serve the country by providing quality technocrats who will be able to integrate engineering and technology interventions with farming and contribute towards sustainable growth in agricultural production across globe, To produce world class professionals who are equipped to meet the demands of global outfit, have analytical abilities and entrepreneurship for making career of self-employment and as contributors to livelihood and food/nutritional security.


To be a centre of excellence in teaching, research and extension education in the disciplines of agricultural engineering so as to promote mechanization-processing and value addition and reduce drudgery in agricultural operations and losses in post-harvest management in agricultural field through effective use of available natural resources.

M1 : To promote graduate student learning in agricultural engineering.

M2 : To discover and improve new technologies for all stakeholders.

M3 : To provide engineering and technology expertise in the fields of agriculture, industry, for the state, nation, and world.

The Program Educational Objectives of the Agriculture engineering are:

PEO1: To provide students with a comprehensive knowledge in mathematical, scientific and agricultural engineering fundamentals to solve the engineering and farmers related problems and also to pursue higher studies.

PEO2: To provide graduates the background and necessary perspective to pursue higher education. They should be able to work competitively in related fields over the spectrum of Irrigation Industries, Watershed Management Organizations, Tractor and Farm Implement Companies, Food Processing Industries, Seed and Fertilizer Companies, Energy and Renewable Energy field, NGOs and Government Organizations.

PEO3: To provide exposure of new cutting edge technologies to the students and to motivate them to take up new challenges to solve the problems faced by society and nation through research, entrepreneurship and skill development.

The following are the Program Specific Outcomes of Engineering Graduate:

PSO1: Identify and design sustainable solutions to solve agricultural engineering problems applying the knowledge of basic and engineering sciences.

PSO2: Pursue successful professional career in agro-industries, government organization, educational/ research/ extension institute adopting appropriate technology, resources and modeling.

PSO3: Adapt in a world of evolving technology with professional ethics and take lead roles in development of agricultural engineering and allied enterprises for betterment of society.


Dr.Bogala Madhu
HOD-Agricultural Engineering

Dr.Bogala Madhu is an Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Agricultural Engineering. He obtained Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Engineering in the specialization of Processing and Food Engineering from CTAE, MPUAT, Udaipur. He received M.Tech degree in Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering from SVCAET & RS, IGKV, Raipur and B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering from College of Agricultural Engineering Madakasira, ANGRAU, Guntur.

He received Young Scientist Award from ABRF,Prayagraj and Young Scholar Award from SWEFT, New Delhi. He received TEQIP-III fellowship from NPIU, MHRD, Government of India during his Ph.D. programme. He is the recipient of university gold medal in his master’s degree. He qualified ICAR-JRF (AIR-53), ICAR-SRF (AIR-5) and ASRB-NET, 2017. He authored more than 20 research papers, book chapters and popular articles in reputed peer reviewed national and international journals and has participated in several international and national conferences/ symposia and best paper presentation award. His research interests are Post-Harvest management of fruits & vegetables, food grains, pulses, oil seeds and spices, Shelf life studies of food materials, Minimization of post-harvest losses and value addition, Non thermal processing of medicinal plants for development of functional foods.


Board of Studies Members (AGE)

S.No Member Name Designation / Organization Role of Bos Category of Namination
1 Dr.Bogala Madhu HOD Chairman Head of the Department
2 Dr.Shashikumar Associate Professor Member Faculty Members of each Specialization in the Department
3 Mrs.G.Sindhuri Assistant Professor Member
4 Miss.Soumya.K.Kulkarni Assistant Professor Member
5 Miss.G.Prameela Assistant Professor Member
6 Ms.V.Priyanka Assistant Professor Member
7 Dr.C.Ramana Principal Scientist & Universrty Head(FMPE) Regional Agrcultural Research Station (RARS), ANGRAU, Tirupathi Member Subject Experts Nominated by the AC
8 Dr.K.Madhusudhana Reddy Associate Professor Department of (SOWE) S.V. Agricultural College, Tirupathi Member
9 Dr.L.Edukondalu Associate Professor & Head Department of Food Processing Technology, College Food Science and Technology, Pulivendula, Member Subject Expert Nominated by VC
10 Mrs.K.Lakshmi Devi Assistant Director of Agricultwe, Kadapa Member Representative from Industry


A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning


Name Qualifications
1 Dr. Bogala Madhu Associate Professor & Head M.Tech., Ph.D.
2 Dr. Shashikumar Associate Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
3 Mrs. Gurram Sindhuri Assistant Professor M.Tech.
4 Mrs. Challa Wagdevi Assistant Professor M.Tech
5 Ms. Varikuti Likhitha Assistant Professor M.Tech.
6 Ms. N Tipperudramma Assistant Professor M.Tech.
7 Ms. Gari Prameela Assistant Professor M.Sc.
8 Mr. Mude Vinayak Assistant Professor M.Tech.
9 Ms. Soumya Kulkarni Assistant Professor M.Tech.
10 Ms. Megha Assistant Professor M.Tech.
11 Ms. Velugoti Priyanka Assistant Professor M.Sc.
12 Ms. Chedde Indu Assistant Professor M.Tech.