Memorandum  of

Siddharth Institute of Engineering &Technology(Autonomous)

Women Empowerment Cell

I.            NAME:
               The name of society is ‘Siddarth Institute of Engineering & Technology Women Empowerment Cell, in short “SIETK WEC”    and the above title is irrevocable.

II.         OFFICE:
                The Registered office of the Cell is located at Siddarth Institute of Engineering and Technology, Puttur, Chittoor District, A.P.

                 The “SIETK WEC“, may have activities extended anywhere in AP.

Our Mission is to explore, design and implement technological based magnificent change in the society and concur to the freedom feminism among the patriarchal society in expression of antifeminism.
Our vision is to acquire the world free of thoughts where women’s rights are to be respected, imposing that women are strong, effective, and well-resourced to collate for achievement and to be free from gender biased society.
               The SIETK, Women Empowerment Cell is a voluntary organization formed with the following aims and objectives:
a.    To maintain and update contacts of WEC.
b.    To conduct meetings regularly at least once in a Semester.
c.    To communicate the college events periodically to the WEC.
d.    To invite the WEC to visit the campus and take their suggestions for the future improvement of the institute.
e.    To request the WEC to extend their contributions towards the development of the institute.
f.    To take up help of WEC to enhance the self - confidence among women.
g.    To take WEC guidance working towards establishment of healthy and friendly environment.
h.    To help the poor and bright students with the help of WEC
i.     To help the unsettled WEC with the support of WEC.
j.     To promote professional knowledge of its members by publicizing newsletters, journals and conducting scientific conferences, workshops and seminars
k.    To do all other such things as the WEC may consider necessary.
V.            The names, occupations and designations of the members of the committee to whom the management of affairs of the Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology Women Empowerment Cell are entrusted are as follows:

SIETK Women Empowerment Cell Committee Members List
S.No Name of the Person Occupation Designation
1. Mrs. A. Swarupa Rani Assoc. Prof President
2. Mrs. P. Nirupama Assoc. Prof General Secretary
3. Mrs. C. Nishidha Devi SO Treasurer
4. Mrs.T.Therisa Asst. Prof Member
5. Mrs. D.Radhika Asst. Prof Member
6. Mrs.P.Aruna Kumari Asst. Prof Member
7. Mrs. C.R.Hemavathi Asst. Prof Member
8. Mrs. A. Asha Asst. Prof Member
9. Mrs. S. Pranavi Asst. Prof Member
10. Mrs. S. Rameshwari Asst. Prof Member
11. Mrs. K. Baby Asst. Prof Member
12. Student - PG Vice President
13. Student - UG Joint Secretary
14. Student - Diploma Executive Member
15. Mrs. Indiraveni Vice Chairperson Honorary Member

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